Terms & Conditions


1. These terms and conditions set out the contractual basis in terms on which MultiChoice offers Rewards to its qualifying customers and constitute an agreement between MultiChoice and participating customers.
2. These terms and conditions are in addition to applicable terms and conditions governing subscription to the MultiChoice service (“DStv Subscription”); individual Reward Rules; the MultiChoice Privacy Policy and applicable agreements with third party partners.
3. Qualifying customers may access Rewards on our website (dstv.co.za) and DStv App (available for download in app stores).
4. MultiChoice complies with provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). Should you have any queries or complaints, you may contact us on help@dstv.com for CPA-related queries or DPO@MultiChoice.co.za for POPIA related queries.


5. Unless these terms and conditions otherwise provide, terms used in these terms and conditions will have the same meaning as those under the Subscriber Agreement.
6. You are a qualifying customer if you :
a. Are a natural person who has subscribed to, and has an active subscription to any DStv package for your private use in South Africa (subscription cannot be through DStv Communities);
b. Are the account payer;
c. Have registered as a user of the DStv website (www.dstv.co.za) by creating a username and password, in accordance with the terms of use of the DStv website


7. Qualifying customers must opt-in for Rewards on any approved DStv platform.
8. By opting in for and using Rewards, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions.
9. Participation in Rewards requires at least one active subscription to a DStv residential package, ie. DStv Premium, DStv Compact Plus, DStv Compact, DStv Family, DStv EasyView, DStv Indian (but not as an add-on).
10. We may, subject to applicable legislation and our privacy policy, send direct marketing messages to you. You may opt-out from receiving these messages in the manner set out in our privacy policy. You consent to us sharing certain of your information with our Reward Partners relating to the offering of and management of Rewards.
11. We encourage you to ensure that your contact details and personal information in our possession is up to date. Personal details can be updated at any time by logging in to DStv Self Service on any of the platforms indicated on dstv.co.za

Reward Levels

12. Each qualifying customer is automatically assigned a Reward Level based on, but not limited to, the active DStv Package subscription(s), the number of years with DStv, usage of DStv Products and Services, payment history and more.
13. Change to any of the factors referred to in clause 11, may result in qualifying customers moving to a different Reward Level.
14. Disconnection of the service may result in a change to the Reward Level and available Rewards.
15. MultiChoice reserves the right to change the number of Reward Levels and factors that determine the Reward Level assigned to a qualifying customer without notice to individual customers.


16. There are individual rules for each reward, including start dates and expiry dates. Individual rules will be available when accessing or accepting a Reward.
17. Qualifying customers may not:
d. defer or transfer a Reward to a later date;
e. transfer a Reward;
f. exchange a Reward for cash;
g. use credits from a Reward to offset costs on their DStv account;
h. split or share Rewards across multiple DStv accounts;
i. sell or barter Rewards.
18. Existing Rewards (and access to new ones) are paused when there are no active subscriptions to a DStv package. Reconnection to DStv (and payment of your subscription) will not necessarily result in the same rewards that were available at the time of disconnection.
19. Rewards are accrued on your existing active package and not packages or services that you may get access to as part of a Reward. (If you're paying for DStv Compact, and get an upgrade to Premium as a Reward, your rewards accrue based on DStv Compact).
20. Claiming a Reward constitutes your binding acceptance of the rules associated with that reward.
21. MultiChoice and their Reward Partners reserve the right to withdraw, postpone, amend or suspend any reward at any time and for any reason which MultiChoice and their Reward Partners may deem necessary, without prior notice.
22. Acceptance of a Reward may require a particular action or for you to provide us with additional documentation or information. Failure to complete the action or provide the additional documentation or information required will result in forfeiture of the reward.
23. Although Rewards will actively communicate with qualifying customers about available rewards, it is the responsibility of the qualifying customer to remain updated on available rewards and MultiChoice will take no responsibility or offer replacement rewards should a qualifying customer not become aware of or take up a reward before the expiry date.


24. A Rewards history is available to each qualifying customer, listing both expired and claimed rewards.
25. Qualifying customers can opt-out of Rewards at any time. Opting out of Rewards will result in forfeiting all active Rewards.
26. MultiChoice reserves the right to disqualify any qualifying customer whose account has been flagged for fraudulent activity or fraud linked to Rewards.
27. MultiChoice and/or their Reward Partners will not be liable and disclaim all liability for any harm, damage, loss or claim arising from participation in Rewards.
28. MultiChoice's decisions on any matter concerning Rewards are, subject to applicable legislation, final and binding.

Deceased Estates

29. In the event of being notified of the death of a qualifying customer who is active on Rewards, the Rewards membership will lapse.

Amending these Terms and Conditions

30. We may amend Rewards and these Terms and Conditions from time to time. If we amend the Terms and Conditions, we will notify you in accordance with clause 52 of the General Subscriber Agreement.

Contacting Us

31. All escalations relating to Rewards must be send to help@dstv.com or any of the contact points listed on our website (dstv.co.za).